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Texas is #2 for Incoming Residents

It seems like everyone knows someone who has recently moved to Texas or is planning on moving to Texas in the near future. Some of the reasons Texas is a hotbed for residents moving from other states include the strong job market, economy and housing market. Texas REALTORS® released their 2017 Texas Relocation Report and showed that Texas gained 524,511 new residents in 2017, ranking them #2 nationally. The largest influx of residents to Texas came from California (63,175), Florida (33,740), Louisiana (28,700), Illinois (26,214) and New York (20,644).

Interestingly, Texas also ranked high on the report’s list of residents moving out of state. Texas ranked #3 on this list, which resulted in a net gain of 57,173 residents in 2017. Interestingly, this is a net gain of more than 30,000 less residents compared to 2016.

With all of the new industry coming, such as the $1 Billion Apple campus, we will be curious to see what the numbers look like for 2018 and 2019 and beyond!


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