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Sallye S. --

My sisters and I would have NEVER been able to get through the sale of our parents' home without Cyndi on our side! She has the expertise that we needed to get to a successful closing. Cyndi brought in an estate sale company, scheduled lawn care, scheduled inspections and repairs -- she did it all for us! Throughout the process she kept us up to date and was always available for our sometimes silly questions. Her advice was always on target and we could tell that she really cared about more than just making the sale. Working with Cyndi was the best real estate transaction I have ever been a part of! 

David & Peggy P. --

We were blown away by Cyndi Cummings' knowledge and talent for marketing, negotiation, and selling abilities. We are pleased with how things turned out. We are incredibly grateful that we chose Cyndi Cummings to list and sell our house.  She kept us informed from start to closing. By the way, our home sold in two days after listing.  One more thing…….WAY TO GO CYNDI! 

Barbara W. --

Cyndi was more than amazing and deserves more than 5 stars. She not only sold my mom's home quickly and for a great price, but honestly was more helpful in the entire process than we could imagine. She handled everything from the staging through to estate sale and clean-out. We don't live in the area so this was enormously helpful and her calm presence really gave us all the peace we needed.

David S. --

Cyndi Cummings was just plain amazing. She sold my house in Austin and helped me purchase my house in San Antonio. In Real Estate there are 3 important things: location, location, location. My house has a nice location, a wonderful view, and a nice neighborhood. She said she had 80 people view the house. She was able to get WELL over $100,000 above asking price. She also went out of her way to help me in every way possible to facilitate and make my journey easier. She arranged for movers, cleanup and repair of the house, and an estate sale for things left behind. I gave Cyndi 5 stars but the only reason I did not give her 6 stars was because that was not an option. She is not only a superb realtor but a wonderful person as well.

Kelley O. --

Words cannot convey how much we appreciate our realtor Cyndi Cummings with Realty Austin. Her expertise and guidance while trying to purchase a new home during this current market, where people are receiving multiple offers, made it possible for us to succeed in finding the perfect home! It felt daunting at the beginning, but she knew of specific strategies to allow us to buy our home, move in, and then sell our current home without much money at all up front. We so appreciated the time she spent helping us navigate the process and communicating time sensitive information every step of the way. We are so happy with our new home and the results we received selling our current home. Thank you, Cyndi!

Eric R. --

Cyndi is awesome! We couldn't have done our move without her. As always, she went above and beyond to help us. She is a godsend. She's been our realtor for years and many, many transactions, and will be for as long as she is in the business. Can't say enough good things about her.

M.V. --

It was so great to have Cyndi help us with the new home purchase. Sometimes when you by a new house from a builder you don’t think about using an agent, but it’s a great idea to have an advocate on your side. Someone that has the knowledge of the processes and has your best interest at heart.

Alice P. --

We had a great experience with Cyndi. She's been our realtor through thick and thin over the last 10 years. She's knowledgeable, calming, and follows through.

Evelyn & Albert F. --

Cyndi helped us through a move that entailed the sale of our home, downsizing with an estate sale, packing, cleaning up afterward, moving into the new location, and just general hand-holding. Cyndi exceeded our expectations. On a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, we would rate her a 12. We would recommend her to anyone.

Tyler K. --

Cyndi came all the way to San Antonio MULTIPLE times to take care of us and answered all the questions we could ever ask. She was so personable and made the process as easy as possible. She has a ton of experience and helped us to make reasonable decisions throughout the whole journey. We're incredibly grateful to her!

Susan S. --

My husband and I were very pleased with Cindy Cummings. I am very good at assessing people when I meet them. After our first meeting, I felt Cindy was a person I could trust and who was very knowledgeable of the real estate market. But, doing my due dilligence, I interviewed 2 other realtors. After meeting with all 3 realtors, Cindy was our TOP choice. She was very thorough in her market analysis and her assessment of our property, she was very patient and made sure she explained every step of the selling process to us, and she took care of every detail for us making sure the entire ordeal of selling our home was painless to my husband and me. She did such a good job selling our home. We hired her again to sell our Rental House. We closed on our home last week and will close on our Rental House next week. It all happened so fast, but with Cindy in charge, we never worried about any of the details.

Kathy -- 

Cyndi gave me and my mom superior service from start to finish.  She was on top of everything and made the transition, from a property owner to a property seller, so very easy. As things came up, she let us know and SHE took care of it all, keeping us up to date the entire time. We are in San Antonio and our property was in Austin. One day I am going to meet Cyndi and give her the biggest hug she has ever had for helping us through this process. We are so very grateful for Cyndi.

My brother passed away in 2018.  Prior to his passing, he purchased multiple properties in Lakeway through Cyndi. He would always tell us what a great realtor/property manager he had. Upon his passing, we met Cyndi and can see exactly what he was talking about. She is phenomenal. We are so very glad she is in our life.

She is an asset to your organization and I hope you realize what you have in her.

M.P. --

Cyndi did a great job through difficult situations. This property had several difficult issues that made it unsellable. She stuck with it for the long run and found the right customer and sold my property. So I want to thank her very much.

Jim J. --

Thank you, Cyndi Cummings and Realty Austin. They did a great job, were a pleasure to work with, and got top dollar for our home.

Mike S. & Family --

As you can imagine, given that my father is nearly 90 years old, my parents were extremely hesitant of letting go of their possessions, especially their home… We spoke to a number of individuals who assisted elderly people in dealing with their possessions, long-term homes, and finding resources that can help them with their health care. Fortunately, we chose Cyndi Cummings of RealtyAustin!!! 

Cyndi guided our family in a very thoughtful, passionate, and gentle way through the process of helping my parents sell and/or move their possessions and ready their house to put it on the market.  Cyndi got a full-offer bid the first day the house went on the market and, using subsequent bids, she was able to help us negotiate a successful sale not only at a price that was well above their expectations, but even above the asking price and appraised value of the house. The buyers were happy and my parents were delighted. It must be mentioned that Cyndi used several marketing techniques that I find very unique, having dealt with many realtors over the years... Remarkably, Cyndi personally paid for many of the resources including the stager, photographer, and organizer. Cyndi was wonderful and certainly the best realtor I have ever dealt with.

Jack K. --

Cyndi was great to work with. She went all out and saw that all our needs were accomplished. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a real estate agent.

Judith P. --

My experience with Cyndi was superb. I never had a better, smoother transaction, be it buying or selling, even just a refinance. Cyndi was also on top of it always and kept me informed every step. I never had to guess or worry about it. She was a true professional.

Leila K. --

Great to work with.... so glad we worked with Cyndi. She sold our house in 24 hours above asking....and we closed on time. She kept in touch with us and was at closing!

Pamela B. --

I chose Cyndi Cummings because everyone I spoke to just raved about her!! Not only being an expert in her job as a realtor, but kind and extremely helpful at ALL TIMES!! Her job was hard enough, since not only did I want my new house in another town, but the fact that she did all this with me in the middle of one of the worst pandemics in the world! I knew what I wanted would be a very hard road to go, especially the fact that I know NOTHING about Real Estate or COMPUTERS!!! If you're like me and the task seems impossible, you NEED Cyndi Cummings!! She knows what's worth doing to a house you want to sell and what's not worth doing. Not only did she help me sell my house, FOR MORE THAN I HOPED FOR!!!!!!!, but she also understood the fact that I had 8 cats and wanted the house to show no signs of cats ever living there. She knew of a company that would buy me a house that I wanted, let me rent it until I sold mine, and then sell me the new house at the closing of my old house!! I could take all of my cats and all their "cat shelves," toys, attached cattery, and move to my new house, waiting for mine to sell! Another miracle is that it didn't take her long!! I certainly couldn't help her, due to my lack of knowledge about any of this! I'm still amazed how she did it all, had to deal with SEVERAL factors in selling and buying my new house!!! No one else could have done what she did - not only helping me on the computer DAILY, but juggling everything else that needs to be done with so many other companies involved. She would help remind me of what all needed to be done by certain days. I can promise you that if you are have any doubts about how you sell and/or buy a house, you need Cyndi Cummings. NO one else could have done all she did - I know this!!! I feel blessed that I met her and will be forever grateful to her!!!! WHY WOULD YOU WANT ANYONE ELSE???

Cathy G. --

If you are looking for someone who is professional and truly understands the process and difficulties of adult children selling their parents' home long distance, Cyndi Cummings is the best Realtor you can find. I would never have gotten through the process without Cyndi. She was such a valuable resource at each stage of the game, living out-of-town and doing most of it long distance, and I trusted her to help me find the right people and companies to do the jobs and repairs needed to be done. She never disappointed me, and not only did she know the right person for the job, she always followed up to make sure it was done correctly. She was very good about staying in close contact to make sure I knew what was going on and to give expert advice when needed. I was so impressed with how organized the closing was as well as all of the support I received from the beginning to the end of this whole process, even in a difficult time of having to do everything in a new and different way because of COVID-19. I have no reservations in recommending Cyndi and her assistants. They know how to do it right!

Steve H. --

Cyndi, you truly are amazing, and Christina and I appreciate everything you did for us.  I look back now and realize I was never concerned about the entire process because you were so good about explaining things and providing incredibly timely communication.  And I can't say enough about all the contractors you found for us to take care of minor and not so minor issues.  Plus your staging and photos were amazing. And the outcome was even better. The home was sold to the second person who looked at it on the second day of being on the market and it sold for the asking price.  When does that ever happen!?!?! Thank you so much!

Kathy C. --

Cyndi has been our Realtor for many years. We trust her implicitly. She has helped us both purchase and sell homes. I would recommend her hands down.

Tiffany C. --

Cyndi Cummings gets all the stars from me. She was warm, knowledgeable, and so helpful when it came time to sell my mother’s home. Every single person or company (painters, cleaners, loan company) she recommended was also excellent. She answered every phone call quickly and made herself available at all times. We had to sell the house during the current COVID-19 crisis from a different state, and Cyndi navigated us through it all. I cannot give her enough of a positive review. During a stressful time, Cyndi was truly an excellent agent.

Gary M. --

Cyndi predicted a higher price than I expected, and the house sold for that! She knew, and arranged for good clean-up, packing, and hauling services. When there was a question about a variance in lot line survey, she persuaded the powers that an allowance had been made to preserve a magnificent oak tree that grew on the survey line. Although I had moved to Tennessee, during most of the sale, Cyndi kept in contact, kept me advised, handled transactions well, and we ended up selling to the first offer.

E.R. --

Cyndi's help was invaluable in both selling of our previous house and the buying our new home. She really went above and beyond on our new house to help us get inspections done, repairs made, contracts updated, even recommended an insurance agent, and more. Her help and guidance through the whole process was amazing. I'm don't think we could have done it with any other agent.

Pat H. --

We can't say enough good things about our experience with Cyndi! Because of my husband's fall, we were in a situation that demanded our move to a senior living facility and then, with COVID-19, we became "sheltered in place" and couldn't perform many of the functions normally associated with moving. Cyndi stepped in and I can honestly say that without Cyndi, we couldn't have accomplished so many of the details that were involved in the sale. From listing our condo, to working with agents with potential buyers, and advising us on the pros and cons of each offer, she was right on top of things. One particular thing that stands out about Cyndi is that she is such a good listener and works with you to achieve your ultimate goal, which is finding the right buyer for your home.

Deanna C. --

Cyndi Cummings is stellar. This was our second home selling, and we had bought it with her, too. I cannot recommend her enough. She is knowledgeable, passionate for her clients, and is 100% all there. Thank you, Cyndi!

John & Chris B. --

Since I don't spend a lot of time on Facebook or other social media, I'll pass on to you directly our complete satisfaction provided by both Cyndi and Cameron Cummings on our most recent transaction.  Both worked closely together to support our initial search for a property, providing excellent local knowledge of the areas in which we were interested. Searches included visits to properties and analysis of our options. When it came to offers and contracts, they provided excellent support in both explanations and options we had in making offers.  I would highly recommend both Cyndi and Cameron to a prospective buyer or seller due to their high level of knowledge in real estate, consistent feedback, thorough follow thru -- and all in a very professional and timely manner.  

The transaction we completed was not a simple one due to sellers not using, in my view, very capable agents, unrealistic appraisals we had to deal with, and delays caused by document signing from two different states, all under current virus restrictions. With all those issues, the transaction went through in a reasonable timeframe due to the support from Cyndi and Cameron. We thank them for their support.

Pat W. --

We have sold and purchased our personal home several times over the years. Cyndi was extremely professional and helpful for my relative's home and her move to assisted living, especially since we live two hours away from Austin. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She's great!

Don T. --

My 88-year-old mother has dementia and could no longer live safely in the home she shared with my father for 40 years. Decades of accumulation, along with the inherent challenges of preparing an older property for sale, made this a daunting and anxiety-producing task. Plus, my husband and I live out of state, and the possibility of spending months sorting and setting up estate sales, along with just clearing out junk before we could put the house on the market, was deeply depressing. Cyndi stepped in and assessed the property, gave excellent counsel, emotional support, and generally took care of everything. Within two months of moving my mother out of her home, the house was sold! Cyndi Cummings is a consummate professional and just a good human being. We are so thankful that she was there when we needed her.

Judy D. --

Cyndi and her team were wonderful, cleaning the house after I left it in a shambles (rushed), staging the house, and holding open houses every week. She was very easy to work with and very professional.

Christian W. --

Cyndi was so amazing to work with on the purchase of our first home. We highly recommend her.

Bill C. --

Cyndi Cummings and her team were highly recommended to our family by an Eldercare consultant we knew. He told us that he had many positive experiences with Cyndi's team in helping seniors moving from their private residences into independent living. 

After using Cyndi's team to help us move our 87- and 85-year-old parents from their home into independent living, we would HIGHLY recommend her services if you are considering a real estate agent who can help you help your parents through a difficult move. Cyndi's team got the dimensions of my parents' new apartment and designed how their furniture would fit in it (and oversaw the placement of the furniture in the new apartment). They had terrific people work with my parents to pare down all of their furniture, clothing, keepsakes and ALL of the EXTRA stuff people tend to accumulate in a bigger house. This was a huge help to us kids because we didn't have to go through all of this with our parents as this process can sometimes become very emotional for your folks. My parents were so grateful to work with Cyndi's team through this difficult process. Additionally, Cyndi helped arrange movers, get the house ready for sale, coordinated repairs, and arranged donations from the household goods that were not included in the move (which was a lot). This was of immense help to me as I do not live near my parents and Cyndi was able to save me a lot my time and money in travel and work. 

Most importantly, Cyndi and her team made this psychologically difficult experience for my parents tolerable and peaceful. My parents were really stressed and they were making this move while being in and out of hospitals and treatment. Her team did everything in their power to build a trusting relationship with my folks and helped them with an unbelievable smooth move into their new living space. Our family was truly impressed with Cyndi and her teams' professionalism and people skills in helping us move our parents though a difficult move and on to the next stage of their lives. My parents truly appreciated how Cyndi's team treated them with respect and kindness. 

Oh yeah, Cyndi also staged our house through all this activity, sold it at a price we liked, and got it done FAST (in addition to ALL of the above). WOW! These folks are All Stars at what they do!

Karin L. --

We, my husband and I, have only good things to say about Cyndi Cummings. She is very professional and gets things done in a timely fashion. We can recommend Cyndi highly.

K.O. --

We thank Cyndi Cummings for her professional guidance and encouragement with helping us find the perfect house! We realize it was a property with its particular set of challenges. We appreciate her helping us every step of the way. How can we ever thank Cyndi enough for all the information and advice she and her team shared with us to make our new home possible? Cyndi definitely is the best in the business!

Donna H. --

Simply stated, Cyndi is the best! A true professional from start to finish. From walking me through the initial steps to prepare my home to price, through the on-going phone calls to review strategy as like homes came on the market, to the closing, Cyndi has been there for me. Cyndi has genuinely become my friend, not just my real estate agent! I would highly recommend Cyndi to all family members as well as friends, too!

Mark B. --

Cyndi Cummings has got to be the world's best Realtor. I have recommended her to many of my friends. She goes way beyond just representing a house. I am disabled, and she actually came over and decluttered my home as well as staged, and got on her hands and knees cleaning. I have never heard of another realtor going to these extremes. I would never use another realtor in the Austin area, and wish I could take her with me to the Hot Springs area. She is simply the best, and this is the 3rd house she has sold for me, all beyond expectation. She will always remain my Realtor, but also a friend.

S. H. --

Cyndi Cummings with Realty Austin recently sold our home. It was under contract within the first week. She was outstanding to work with through all aspects of the transaction. Cyndi made what could have been a stressful situation into a seamless move.

Larry W. --

I have used Cyndi Cummings since 2010 in the sale or purchase of four properties and, in all cases, she was there every step of the way. This time she sold my home in just a couple of days. Then she was able to help me find and guide me on a place to rent while we build a new house. She is knowledgeable in all areas of the real estate business. As a Realtor, she is one of the best. If you are thinking about buying or selling, I strongly suggest using her for a smooth, successful sale or purchase.

Deidre M. --

Cyndi Cummings is a thoughtful, helpful, and successful realtor. She knew the local real estate market well, and she chose exactly the right price to ensure a timely sale. My family was selling our deceased mother’s home, so it involved clearing out personal items, selling furniture, donating, and big emotions. Each step of the way, Cyndi was there to help move the process along and eliminate stress. I did not know a realtor could help so much with the process of prepping a house for sale. I live in another state, and had limited time to accomplish all the prep work. Without Cyndi, I would have needed to travel to Texas at least two more times to prepare and then empty the home. Cyndi’s experience dealing with selling estate properties was absolutely indispensable. I highly recommend her as a realtor! Cyndi is the best!

Joanne K. --

Cyndi was a fabulous realtor! From the first day I met her to the day of closing, she was always there to listen to my concerns and questions, clearly focused on my needs of transitioning and downsizing, and had the facts and figures I wanted for the neighborhood and area. She is direct yet warm, to the point, with enthusiasm and an easy smile. Cyndi was “Johnny-on-the-spot” when it came to returning my calls and emails, always honest and upbeat, even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. She also put her other companies and connections to work for me, which helped tremendously with the actual moving process. I would say that Cyndi is the quintessential realtor!

Michelle B. --

Cyndi is a great realtor. She was very knowledgeable of the area. She always stayed in communication with me. Made me feel like I was her only client. I would recommend her to anyone.

Dawn B. --

This was our 6th transaction with Cyndi Cummings. That says enough in itself. She sold our house fast and we got the highest price ever sold in our neighborhood. She’s a joy to do business with, always quick to respond and happy to answer questions. Hands down, you should work with Cyndi.

Bert C. --

Cyndi was wonderful! She walked us through the buying process every step of the way. She provided reassurances when we weren't sure we were ever going to find a place. She responded very quickly to our questions and concerns. She made us feel like we were her only clients. For example, Cyndi  looked at a house we were scheduled to view, sent us photos that showed the house was a mess, and allowed us to eliminate it without making a two hour trip to see it personally. With Cyndi's help, we were able to find a house and close on it. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Sue C. --

It was clear to us from the start that Cyndi was extremely knowledgeable about the Austin real estate market. We quickly got two offers, and because Cyndi helped us to price our house right on the money, we ended up getting top dollar. She was so good at walking us through all of the paperwork, and made sure that the whole process of selling a house was very easy for us.

Linda W. --

Everything that Cyndi did was above and beyond. I had never before worked with a Realtor who was this concerned or connected. She did everything humanly possible to ensure a successful move. We got a full-price offer on our house the day it was listed. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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