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Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

For anyone who enjoys keeping up with home remodeling trends, one popular area in the kitchen cabinets! Colors are getting bolder and brighter, sometimes mixing in a pop of color on the island while keeping the other cabinets neutral and more. Another great option if you’re wanting to change up your kitchen cabinets but don’t want to gut your kitchen and deal with the mess and expense that goes along with it? Consider sanding your current wood cabinets and painting them a fresh, new color!


Here are some of the popular, trendy colors according to an article in Better Homes & Gardens:

  1. Bold Blue

  2. Chartreuse

  3. Purpleheart (wood)

  4. Blue-Grey

  5. Mint

  6. Robin’s Egg Blue

  7. Red

  8. Grey

  9. Butter Yellow

  10. Greenish Grey

  11. Dark Wood Island with Contrasting White

  12. Teal

  13. Pale Blue

  14. Orange

  15. Yellow

  16. Milky Green

  17. Ebony and Ivory


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