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What Does Today's Median Home Price Get You Across the U.S.?

The median price for a home in the United States today is a whopping $375,000 (as of December 2021)! And depending on where you live, what you can get for $375,000 can vary dramatically. To get the data, "looked at how many square feet the median home price would get buyers in the 100 largest metro areas last month. (Metros include the main city and surrounding towns, suburbs, and smaller urban areas.) Then, to show the disparity, we narrowed it down to eight places where buyers could get everything ranging from a mansion in the Rust Belt to a cozy studio in the San Francisco Bay Area." So just what can you get for your money across the U.S.? Check out the differences below!

  1. San Jose, CA: 458 sq ft

  2. Miami, FL: 1,060 sq ft

  3. Phoenix, AZ: 1,456 sq ft

  4. Spokane, WA: 1,708 sq ft

  5. Philadelphia, PA: 1,942 sq ft

  6. Greenville, SC: 2,451 sq ft

  7. Indianapolis, IN: 2,847 sq ft

  8. Youngstown, OH: 4,540 sq ft


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