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Top 10 Housing Markets of 2021

Are you interested in which housing markets are projected to be hot this year? Perhaps you're just curious, or perhaps you want to know which markets are considered a good investment. According to a recent analysis, " analyzing data and trends, the® economics team put together a list of the housing markets that are expected to sizzle next year. The nation's top markets of 2021 are tech hubs with strong job markets, state capitals where buyers can get more square footage for their money, and smaller cities that are affordable alternatives to the larger, coastal metropolises."

Here are the top 10 cities, according to the analysis done by®. Do any of the cities that made the list surprise you? Are there any cities you're surprised did not make the list? For additional information and details about these 10 cities, visit HERE.

1. Sacramento, California

2. San Jose, California

3. Charlotte, North Carolina

4. Boise, Idaho

5. Seattle, Washington

6. Phoenix, Arizona

7. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

8. Oxnard, California

9. Denver, Colorado

10. Riverside, California


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