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The Best - and Worst - Places For Singles to Live

Being single can be tough, and where you live can make a big difference. Cinch Home Services published a report on the best and worst places for singles to live. They used the following factors to come up with their rankings: percentage of population that is single, average post-tax monthly wages, median rent for a one bedroom apartment and number and rating of leisure locations within the city. They used this criteria with the top 100 most populous cities in the U.S.

Based on a 1-100 ranking (1 being the best and 100 being the worst), here are the best 25 cities for single and the worst 25 cities for singles.

Best U.S. Cities for Being Single

Ranking City

1. San Francisco, California

2. Chicago, Illinois

3. Atlanta, Georgia

4. Seattle, Washington

5. Los Angeles, California

6. New York City, New York

7. Boston, Massachusetts

8. Houston, Texas

9. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

11. Austin, Texas

12. Richmond, Virginia

13. San Diego, California

14. Dallas, Texas

15. Buffalo, New York

16. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

17. Tucson, Arizona

18. Portland, Oregon

19. Cincinnati, Ohio

20. Minneapolis, Minnesota

21. Washington, D.C.

22. Baltimore, Maryland

23. New Orleans, Louisiana

24. Las Vegas, Nevada

25. Denver, Colorado

Best U.S. Cities for Being Single

Worst U.S. Cities For Being Single

Ranking City

100. Chesapeake, Virginia

99. Gilbert, Arizona

98. Irving, Texas

97. Durham, North Carolina

96. St. Paul, Minnesota

95. Hialeah, Florida

94. Fremont, California

93. Boise City, Idaho

92. Henderson, Nevada

91. Garland, Texas

90. Chula Vista, California

89. Aurora, Colorado

88. North Las Vegas, Nevada

87. St. Petersburg, Florida

86. Mesa, Arizona

85. Chandler, Arizona

84. Plano, Texas

83. Scottsdale, Arizona

82. Anaheim, California

81. Glendale, Arizona

80. Jersey City, New Jersey

79. Santa Ana, California

78. Fort Worth, Texas

77. Newark, New Jersey

76. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Worst U.S. Cities for Being Single


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