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Project Tips for Getting Rid of Germs in Your Home

It seems like germs are getting a lot more attention these days, particularly in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us are spending more time than ever at home, and you may have given some thought to how you can best clean your home to keep germs - and COVID-19 - away! Below are 7 ideas to help you rid your home of germs:

  1. Install Touchless Faucets: These are an excellent way to have less cross-contamination before and after washing your hands. You can install them in all of the sinks in your home - bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, etc!

  2. Use Touchless Soap Dispensers: This pairs perfectly with the touchless faucets and enables you to wash your hands without leaving germs behind on the soap dispenser!

  3. Install a Smart Toilet or Bidet: This upgrade can have multiple benefits - the touchless features of many smart toilets will help with the spread of germs, and bidets are an alternative to toilet paper - hygienic and you'll be all set in the event of another toilet paper shortage!

  4. Install Smart Lighting: Another great way to limit the spread of germs is to install smart lighting in your home - the ability to turn lights on and off with your smartphone, instead of using switches! In addition to reducing the transmission of germs, it is ultra convenient!

  5. Switch to Smart Door Locks: Instead of using traditional door locks, switching to smart devices reduces the amount of surface contact from person to person, and therefore has less surface area to spread germs. There are a variety of options including digital keypads, voice activation and more.

  6. Gather Outside -With an Outdoor Space Heater: Being social outside can help reduce the transmission of viruses and can be a great way to still enjoy company compared to gathering indoors. In the colder months, an outdoor space heater can be a great option to keep everyone warm!

  7. Check Out Sanitizing Closets: These have exploded in popularity during the pandemic! Sanitizing closets use ultraviolet light to sanitize garments. This technology has been popular among retail stores for use after people return or try on clothing and is now popular for in-home use as well.



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