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Pest Control Mistakes You Might Be Making

I personally do not like thinking about all of the creepy critters in and around my home. Certainly not seeing them does not mean they aren't there! If you're like me, having a good pest control plan in place gives peace of mind when enjoying my home - indoors and outdoors. Here is a list of 8 mistakes you might be making with regarding to pest control and how you can correct it:

  1. Being Reactive About Pest Control (Instead of Proactive): When dealing with critters and pests, being proactive makes dealing with any potential issues much easier than reacting to an issue. Prevention is easier and cheaper compared to remediation or removal as well. You can interview local pest control companies to find a pest control prevention plan that works best for you and your home.

  2. Not Checking Doors, Door Sweeps, Window Screens and Seals Around Your Home: Pests can sneak into incredibly small cracks and spaces. Checking doors, screens, windows and seals in and around your home can help find areas that need repair and can keep pests from entering your home.

  3. Not Maintaining Your Landscaping: Letting your landscaping overgrow can make a very nice home for pests. Overgrown bushes and shrubs that are in contact with your home can provide unintended shelter for critters and pests. Firewood against the home or garage can also provide a popular shelter for pests. Taking the time to maintain landscaping, including keeping your grass mowed and firewood away from the home, can help limit areas for pests and critters to congregate.

  4. Leaving Out Temptations: This applies to both inside and outside the home - leaving trash and food out is an invitation for bugs and critters to gather. Keeping trash cleaned up and properly disposed of, as well not leaving food out on the patio or kitchen counter can help keep critters away.

  5. Leaving Stagnant Water Around Your Home: Pooled water around your home in areas of your yard, in containers, etc is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Making sure to drain any stagnant water can help keep your yard from being a magnet for mosquitoes.

  6. Using the Wrong Pesticides: Using the wrong pesticides can not only not fix your problem, it can also make the problem worse. Always do your research or consult a professional before treating a pest problem.

  7. Not Considering the Seasons: Different seasons bring different pest problems. For example, spring and summer are huge seasons for bugs with the warmer weather. However, as the weather gets colder, many bugs and critters are trying to head inside to get warm. That is why it is important to diligently check the outside of your home for any potential openings (and fixing any openings you find) to keep those critters out!

  8. Not Knowing the Pests/Critters Unique to Your Area: Where you live can impact the pests and critters you might encounter. Knowing what is found in your area can help you know what to look for and how to properly create a prevention plan.



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