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Pandemic House Cleaning Tips

Most of us have probably heard throughout this pandemic that extra cleaning is a good idea. But what exactly does that mean? A video provided by has several cleaning ideas and tips for during this pandemic!

  1. Disinfect Frequently Touched Surfaces

    1. Hand rails/railings

    2. Doorknobs

    3. Tables and Counters

  1. Disinfect Large Household Items

    1. Bathrooms

    2. Kitchen and Appliances

  1. Disinfect Smaller Heavy Use Items

    1. Cell phones

    2. Tablets

    3. TV and Other Remotes

    4. Light Switches

    5. Drawer Pulls/Handles

  1. Disinfect Outside Items Coming Into Your Home

    1. Items Purchased at the Store

    2. Shoes/Clothing

  1. Personal Hygiene

    1. Wash Your Hands Regularly, and Immediately After Returning Home (in warm water for at least 20 seconds).



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