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Multigenerational Living Trend

The multigenerational living trend has been a long tradition and way of living for generations. However, the idea of multigenerational living as having multiple generations of the same family living under one roof is a concept that is now beginning to evolve. We found a great article from Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging discussing the new trends in multigenerational living.

Developers are trying to come up with new ways to increase the benefits and successes of this housing model to benefit even more people. One such idea is a master-planned community model where older adults live in individual units all within a more urban and community vibe.

A great quote from the article explains the new ideas behind multigenerational living, “This new plan for intergenerational modeling comes from the tenets of New Urbanism, where the belief is that the surrounding environment matters for quality of life, economy, and public health. An ideal goal of this model is for older adults to be offered active lifestyles, surrounded by a vibrant, bustling community that is a mix of different ages and ethnicities.”

Other ideas include making it easier for older adults to age in place by making appropriate modifications to their homes, and making accommodations and modifications to community areas and parks, for example, to allow people of different generations to interact with each other as long as possible.


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