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How Often Should You Replace Common Backyard Items?

The weather, changing seasons, and regular wear and tear can all take a toll on our outdoor items. Items left outside regularly can really be impacted by the elements. Of course, maintenance and upkeep may not be your favorite part of taking care of your home, but it is definitely important! If you've ever wondered how long common items are supposed to last or how often you should replace them, read on!

  1. Patio Furniture: Outdoor Sofa: 7-15 years, Outdoor Coffee Table: 5-20 years, and Outdoor Chairs: 5-15 years. The wide range in estimates is based on factors such as the quality of the items, environmental conditions, amount of use, and how well the items are maintained.

  2. Concrete Patios: The biggest factors in how long a concrete patio will last include how well the patio was poured and the weather conditions. Best case scenario, in favorable conditions, a concrete patio can last up to 40 years. Environmental factors such as shifting soil conditions or using salt for ice can reduce its lifespan by 20 years.

  3. Lawn Mower Blades: They should be sharpened after every 25 hours of run time, and should be replaced entirely after 350-400 hours of run time.

  4. Patio Doors: This one varies again based on weather conditions and wear and tear. You'll know it's time to replace them when they become hard to open and close, or if they’re cracked and a safety hazard to your household and visitors.

  5. Patio Screens: The sun has the biggest impact in breaking down the vinyl on screen frames. When you start to see breakdown or holes larger than what is intended, it is time to replace the screens. You can expect to replace them every 5-15 years.

  6. Pool Pump: Pool pumps will generally last 7-10 years before they begin to break down and the cost of maintenance and repairs is greater than the cost of replacement. Regular cleaning and maintenance can also help extend the life of your pump.

  7. Floodlights and Outdoor Lighting: Backyard lighting is important for safety when outside at night and for security from unwanted guests. Regularly checking your motion sensors and outdoor lighting can help you catch something that is broken sooner than later.

  8. Wood Fence Posts: Wood fence posts fail sooner than other parts of the fence. This is due to water and insects. While other parts of the fence can last 15-20 years, posts almost always will need to be replaced sooner.


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