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Household Hacks

Keeping up with all of the cleaning and tasks in your home can take a lot of time. Worse, there are some projects that can be so stubborn or impossible to fix. Thankfully, there are lots of people out there who think outside of the box and come up with genius and clever ways to deal with everyday household issues. Check out some great household hacks below!

  1. Clean Your Grimy Oven Racks: Oven racks can get food and grease build-up over time, but unfortunately, cleaning them is not always easy. To easily clean your oven racks, freeze liquid dish soap in muffin tins or round containers. Put on gloves, and then rub one of the frozen soaps over the oven rack. You'll be amazed by how quickly and easily the grime comes off!

  2. Watering Your Plants: Do you find yourself overwatering your plants or not having the time to water period? You're in luck with this great hack! Instead of watering, toss some ice cubes into your plants! They get watered (without overwatering), and it's much easier to do and remember compared to traditional watering.

  3. Cleaning Your Toilet Brush: Let's face it, cleaning your toilet brush may not be your favorite task, and where would you clean it anyway, because, ahem, you use it to clean your toilet! To clean it, soak the brush in the toilet cleaning solution in the toilet bowl after cleaning the toilet, and use the toilet lid to hold the brush in place while it drip-dries. Why haven't I thought to do this before?!

  4. Descale Your Kettle: Kettles can build up minerals rather quickly from all the water they boil. To clean them, simply boil cola inside of it, pour the soda in the sink, rinse the kettle, and your mineral build up is gone!

  5. Dusting Ceiling Fans: Fan blades build up dust over time, and cleaning them can be a huge mess. Well, not anymore if you use a pillowcase to dust the fan blades! Simply place the fan blade inside the pillowcase, and capture the dust inside the pillowcase as you dust off the blades. Brilliant!

  6. Scent Your Vinegar: Vinegar is an amazing cleaner and can be used for so many things! It is inexpensive, too. The one drawback? The way it smells. Well, you can change all that and still reap the cleaning benefits! All you do it peel your favorite type of citrus (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit), and place the peels along with vinegar inside a jar and let it soak. Next time you clean it will have a lovely citrus scent!

  7. Plastic Wrap Hack: Plastic wrap can be so frustrating! It can be hard to get off the roll, and oftentimes it doesn't stick to the container. To make it easier to get off the roll and to make it cling, keep your plastic wrap in the freezer!

  8. Drapery Spacing: If you have drapery in your home, you probably have noticed the spacing isn't uniform and it doesn't always fall right. To get uniform spacing, take an old toilet paper roll and place it on the rack between the grommets. Genius!

  9. Flower Arranging: Bringing beautiful flowers home can be incredibly frustrating once you try to arrange them. For more uniform and fuller bouquets, make a grid inside the vase using scotch tape! It will change your arrangements forever.


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