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Household Fixes with Soap

Regardless of the type of household you live in, you know things break and need maintenance from time to time. We love this list of household fixes that can be completed with a bar of soap! How great is that? You can check out the list along with video here.

1. Stuck Zipper? Coat the area of the zipper that is stuck with bar soap and your zipper will glide with ease.

2. Noisy Door Hinges? Use the bar soap to coat the hinge and say goodbye to squeaks!

3. Trouble with a Screw? Coat the end of the screw with bar soap and drive it into wood with ease.

4. Closet Smelly or Stale? Hang a bar of soap in a mesh bag to reduce pesky odors!

5. Deer Eating Your Plants? Use a grater to shred bar soap around the plants to deter deer from eating your plants.

6. Key Stuck? Rub the bar soap along the key and insert again into the lock to easily turn they key.


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