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Getting Ready for Back to School

It may be hard to believe but back to school is already right around the corner! Here are some tips to help prepare your kiddos (and you) for the transition back to school. Here’s to a great 2018-2019 school year!

  1. School Shopping. Have fun with your kiddos and get them involved by allowing them to pick some of their own supply styles and colors. It might help get them more excited and give them something to look forward to!

  2. Bed Time. Consider putting the kids to bed closer to the time they will have to for school a week or two before school starts. Might not be a bad idea for the parents to start adjusting their sleep schedules too!

  3. Prep the Night Before. Speaking of adjusting to the back to school schedule, try and get as much done as possible the night before. For example, pack lunches, backpacks, lay out clothes for the next day, etc to help your mornings go as smoothly as possible.

  4. Plan Family Time. With schedules about to get busier, why not plan a family movie or game night and have some extra fun before the kids head back to school.

  5. Plan Ahead. If your child is anxious about going back to school, or starting a new school, planning ahead can really help ease their anxiety. Take a tour of the school and their new classroom(s) before the start of school, practice the drop off and pick up routine, and going through a typical school day schedule can help them feel prepared for their first day.

  6. Create Homework Space. Create or designate a space somewhere in your home where your kids can go to work on homework and have space for papers, books and supplies.

  7. Create a Backpack Station. If you aren’t fortunate to have a mud room with cubbies, consider creating a space in your home by putting up hooks for each child’s backpack. It will help keep things tidy – and your kids will always know where to find their backpack!

  8. Have Fun with Lunch. Make your kids lunches extra special by mixing it up and occasionally surprising them with a favorite treat or note from you!

  9. Breakfast. Start their day off right with a healthy breakfast. Be sure to include a good source of protein to keep them fueled and full until lunch!

  10. After School Snacks. Plan some fun, healthy after school snacks that the kids will look forward to and keep them full until dinner.

  11. Healthy Habits. Back to school can often mean an increase in illnesses. Teach your kids about washing their hands, and make sure they are getting as much sleep as possible. These two activities alone can help keep them from getting sick!

  12. Don’t Forget About Last Year. Unless this is your first time sending your child to school, lean on the knowledge and experience from previous school years to help you and help your children know what to expect.

  13. Create a Calendar/Schedule. You can use a chalkboard, dry erase board, or any number of things. Get creative! Having a schedule visible for the whole family to see that includes weekly meals, activities, etc can help everyone stay in the loop and organized.

  14. Take a First Day Picture. These pictures will someday be awesome memories! Consider taking a picture of each child individually and a group shot of all your kids together.

  15. Collaborate with Other Parents. Other parents can be a great source of information and support. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a neighbor, friend or parent of your child’s classmate!


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