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Features to Never Touch When Renovating Your Home

Considering a home renovation? Chances are, there are many changes you'd like to make. But it can be difficult to know if certain features should be removed or kept in place. When renovating, consider leaving (or restoring or repurposing) the following features commonly found in homes:

  1. Mantels or Exposed Beams: Gorgeous mantles and exposed beams are some of the most highly sought after items in homes. If your home has an original wood mantle or exposed beams, it might be worth the work to restore them to their former glory.

  2. Original Hardwood Flooring: Original flooring can be often refinished, which can be a huge cost saver. In addition, since the wood floor is already in place, it can be stained to match your style and preference.

  3. Rosettes, Crown Molding and Ceiling Medallions: If you have these details in your home and they are able to be restored, they can offer incredible character and charm, even in a renovated space. Another option would be repurposing the items if you don't want to use them in your own home.

  4. Banquettes and Butler Pantries: Although these features fell out of popularity for a time, these features are making a huge comeback and are highly sought after by many buyers. These areas offer incredible storage and counter space, and you can use them however you like - an office, craft station, coffee station, and more.

  5. Pocket Doors, Doorway Arches and Rounded Stairs: Again, these are features that were once very popular, particularly in a wealthier home are making a big comeback. New construction is seeing many of these features more and more, and if you have a home you're renovating, they can be a beautiful addition to your new design.

  6. Crown Glass and Stained Glass: Old glass like crown and stained glass are literal works of art. The intricate design and beauty of the colors can make an incredible impact on a home. While these absolutely require a professional for restoration, the time, effort and money is certainly worth it. If you absolutely don't want them in your own space, they are worth the effort to repurpose and reuse.


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