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Design Trends to Keep or Let Go

It's not a secret that design trends have become more mainstream. There are multiple TV networks dedicated to home design and renovation, and it seems like everyone is attempting at least one DIY project these days. There are also a variety of design trends that have emerged, and while some should stay, some should also definitely go. Read on below to see if you agree!

Design Trends that Should Stay

  1. Simple Accent Walls: For example, a painted accent wall with a diagonal line separating two colors.

  2. Wood-like Panel Outside a Tub: This can be very soothing and spa-like, as long as the design goes with the rest of the bathroom.

  3. Hanging Plants: Whether real or fake, plants can be a great addition to any room.

  4. Colored Grout: Maybe you're bored with ordinary tile and grout. Who says all tile grout has to be white? Changing the grout color can be a fun change and make a big impact!

  5. Ottoman Coffee Tables: They are beautiful, functional, and comfortable.

  6. Personal Gallery Walls: A variety of personal photos and keepsakes makes the right kind of statement.

  7. Leather Furniture: A nice leather chair or couch can be timeless and is typically very durable.

  8. Concrete Countertops: They give a kitchen or bathroom a modern and clean look.

Design Trends that Should Go

  1. Geometric Accent Walls: They can be an eyesore, and very taste specific.

  2. Stone on the Outside of a Tub: Not only are you risking scraping your leg getting in and out of the tub, but the stone can also be difficult to clean.

  3. Fake Hanging Vines in the Bedroom: They often look cheap, clutter up the space, and promote dust collection.

  4. Peel and Stick Bathroom Tile: It may look pretty, but it is not durable, and can even be unsafe.

  5. Acrylic Coffee Tables: This applies to end tables as well. They scratch easily, can get cloudy, and show dust.

  6. Generic Gallery Walls: Gallery walls can be an amazing design feature, but it needs to be personal to you - it shows.

  7. Boucle Furniture: It is cute, but unfortunately is not durable. In addition, it is often white and therefore stains quickly and easily.

  8. Painted Countertops: It might look better than your old countertops, but it often looks cheap and chips very easily, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.


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