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COVID-19 Home Upgrades Buyers Want

COVID-19 has changed the way we live in our homes in a huge way. Many people are finding their homes no longer work for them given the new reality brought on by the pandemic. Are you thinking about selling your home? Here are 6 home upgrade trends brought on by the pandemic that buyers want when looking for a new home.

  1. Upgraded Outdoor Space: People are using their outdoor spaces more than ever before. Make sure yours is warm and inviting. Create an outdoor living space with outdoor furniture, an outdoor rug and heater (depending on where you live). Make sure your landscaping is well manicured and provide fresh mulch to any flower beds.

  2. Create a Home Office or Classroom: With many folks working from home these days and into the foreseeable future, having a dedicated office space is key. Likewise, having a dedicated work space for online learners is important too.

  3. Add Separation of Space: With so many family members home together more often than ever before, sometimes there is a need for separation. If your home has a very open floorplan, consider installing barn doors or room dividers to cut down on noise and provide separation.

  4. Create a Workout Space: Due to the pandemic, many people are choosing not to go to to the gym but still want a place to exercise. While you may not have the space for a fully dedicated room, create a space where buyers can picture themselves working out with their own equipment.

  5. In-law Suite Makeover: If you have a guest house or casita, giving it a makeover could be a huge selling feature for potential buyers, especially these days when multi-generational living is trending. Even if potential buyers may not use it for personal use, its possible they could use it for rental income, which could be a huge selling feature.

  6. Laundry Room Update: Create a laundry space that is beautiful and functional, like the rest of your house! With concerns over germs and hygiene top of mind these days, a beautiful place to do laundry is in high demand.



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