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Cities with the Largest and Smallest Housing Inventory this Winter

Many markets across the U.S are seeing historically low inventory. Austin is one such market with very low inventory. Are you curious which cities across the U.S have the lowest amount of inventory and which have the most inventory? Check it out below!

Lowest Amount of Inventory:

  1. Rochester, New York

  2. Elkhart, Indiana

  3. Huntsville, Alabama

  4. Springfield, Massachusetts

  5. Topeka, Kansas

  6. Burlington, Vermont

  7. San Jose, California

  8. Manchester, New Hampshire

  9. Columbia, Missouri

  10. Wausau, Wisconsin

Highest Amount of Inventory:

  1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

  2. Destin, Florida

  3. Warner Robbins, Georgia

  4. Jacksonville, North Carolina

  5. Daphne, Alabama

  6. Kahului, Hawaii

  7. Atlantic City, New Jersey

  8. Lake Havasu City, Arizona

  9. Provo, Utah

  10. Iowa City, Iowa


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