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Best Colleges in Texas for 2020

Niche has released it’s annual report on the Best Colleges for 2020. According to Niche, “The 2020 Best Colleges ranking is based on rigorous analysis of academic, admissions, financial, and student life data from the U.S. Department of Education along with millions of reviews from students and alumni.” These are the following factors considered in compiling their rankings, along with the weight percentage for each factor: Academics Grade (40% weight), Value Grade (27.5% weight), Professors Grade (7.5% weight), Campus Grade (5% weight), Diversity Grade (5% weight), Student Life Grade (5% weight), Student Surveys on Overall Experience (5% weight), Local Area Grade (2.5% weight) and Safety Grade (2.5% weight).

Looking more locally in Texas, what are the top Texas Universities according to the Niche study? Here are the top 10:

  1. Rice University

  2. University of Texas – Austin

  3. Southern Methodist University

  4. Texas A&M University

  5. Trinity University – Texas

  6. Texas Christian University

  7. Baylor University

  8. University of Texas – Dallas

  9. Texas Tech University

  10. LeTourneau University

According to the Niche study, here are the top 10 colleges nationally:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  2. Stanford University

  3. Yale University

  4. Harvard University

  5. Princeton University

  6. Duke University

  7. Brown University

  8. Columbia University

  9. University of Pennsylvania

  10. Rice University

To see the complete list of top Texas Universities, check out the article HERE. For the top list of colleges nationally, check out the article HERE.


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