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Best and Worst Places for Flipping a Home

House flipping has gained quite a bit of popularity over the last few years. If you watch HGTV, they have home flipping shows featuring cities all over the country! House flipping can be a risky business. So where are you likely to make the most profit? Curious about maybe doing some home flipping yourself or just wondering where the best places in the U.S. are for home flipping (and which places are the worst)? Check out below!

Best Places for House Flipping:

  1. Columbia, South Carolina

  2. Phoenix, Arizona

  3. Dallas, Texas

  4. Raleigh, North Carolina

  5. Columbus, Ohio

Worst Places for House Flipping:

  1. Chattanooga, Tennessee

  2. Tulsa, Oklahoma

  3. Charleston, South Carolina

  4. Grand Rapids, Michigan

  5. Sarasota, Florida


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