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Austin Ranked Top City for Job Seekers recently analyzed LinkedIn data on where people are moving for work and the number one spot where people are moving to - Austin! According to an article on this subject, "Between 2020 and 2021, Austin saw a 33% increase in people relocating to the city for jobs according to the report."

Additionally, "Hiring in Austin has also increased 25% between November 2020 and November 2021, according to a LinkedIn Workforce Report. In that time, most of the people moving to Austin from out of state came from California and New York, which shows that many workers are leaving the most expensive cities in favor of comparably more affordable areas. In addition, The Wall Street Journal ranked Austin as the number two job market in the U.S."

So Why Austin?

It's no surprise given the popularity of the city, the incredible quality of life, weather and amenities offered such as the lakes, hike and bike trails, pro and college sports, great restaurants, the live music scene and more. Additional reasons might include the lack of state income tax and the huge influx of major employers such as Tesla, Apple, Google, Oracle and Amazon to name a few.


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