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Austin-Made Hospital Robot Named One of the Best Inventions of 2019 by Time Magazine

Imagine finding a robot that is capable of doing several simple tasks to alleviate time on nurses and clinical staff to allow for more patient-staff interaction! Now this very robot is a reality. Created by Austin start-up Diligent Robotics, the robot named Moxi helped in hospitals by completing tasks that would have otherwise taken up around 30 percent of nurses and other clinical staff's shifts.

Moxi has a gripper to pick up objects, a mobile base to propel it and an arm to reach for things. According to the creators, "Moxi is the hospital robot assistant that helps clinical staff with non-patient-facing tasks like gathering supplies and bringing them to patient rooms, delivering lab samples, fetching items from central supply, and removing soiled linen bags," according to the Diligent Robotics website. "Automation helps hospitals maintain consistent care workflows and gives staff more time for patient care."

Moxi appears to be a huge win for hospital staff and patients alike - the invention allows for all necessary tasks to be done, while giving staff more time to do the most important part of their jobs - taking care of patients! After a yearlong trial at four Texas hospitals, Moxi has officially launched full-time at a Dallas hospital, and there are plans to add Moxi to more U.S. hospitals by the end of 2020 per Time.


"," Patch.

Photo by EVG photos.

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