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9 Things I wish I Had Known About Owning My First Home

Are you a homeowner? Considering purchasing a home? Perhaps you know someone considering purchasing their first home? We found a very interesting opinion article from about the things one first-time owner wishes she had known before making her first home purchase.

  1. A BEAUTIFUL YARD TAKES A LOT OF WORK: Even simple yard maintenance can take a lot of time and a lot of work. Different plants and trees need different types of care, and depending on the extent and maturity of your landscaping, there may be a significant learning curve.

  2. YOU MIGHT GET UNEXPECTED NEIGHBORHOOD BILLS: All neighborhoods are different. Some may come with monthly HOA or POA fees, others may not. In addition to your property taxes, you should be prepared for potentially unexpected expenses to crop up.

  3. BRUSH AND TRASH REMOVAL CAN BE DIFFERENT IN EVERY CITY: Some cities and neighborhoods have annual or bi-annual brush removal. Some have weekly trash removal and bi-weekly recycle. The fees for these services can also vary from neighborhood to neighborhood and city to city.

  4. YOU'LL NEED TO CLEAN (OR WANT TO HIRE SOMEONE) YOUR WINDOWS: Chances are the previous homeowner didn't clean the windows before selling the home and they are likely pretty nasty. It's a pretty significant undertaking to do yourself, but you'll be surprised by the positive difference clean windows can make!

  5. BEWARE OF WANTING TO STOCK UP ON SEASONAL DECORATIONS: You have this great new house and it may be tempting to decorate - for every holiday! You may find yourself noticing things in stores you never noticed before. It can definitely be fun and look great, but it is also can be very expensive!

  6. YOU'LL NEED A HALLOWEEN CANDY BUDGET: Depending on your neighborhood, be prepared to spend a pretty penny on Halloween candy! It is surprising how much candy you can go through in just a few hours.

  7. DIY RENOVATION IS REWARDING AND SOUL CRUSHING: Let's just say HGTV can make renovation look easier than it actually is. While doing home repairs and improvements yourself can be incredibly rewarding, it can also be incredibly frustrating and expensive if you make mistakes.

  8. THE IMPULSE TO CHECK REAL ESTATE LISTINGS MAY LINGER FOR A WHILE: You're not alone if you find yourself continuing to check real estate listings even after you've moved into your new home. You might become curious about what else is on the market in your area or neighborhood, or just still enjoy seeing what's out there!

  9. YOU'LL NEVER WANT TO SHARE WALLS AGAIN: Having your own four walls is pretty great, as is not worry about sharing walls, being as noise conscious, etc. It really is a great feeling!



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