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8 Bathroom Projects for Beginners

Perhaps you find yourself with some extra time on your hands thanks to the global pandemic. Maybe you've had some projects in one or more bathrooms in your home that you've been putting off? Perhaps you're ready to start but aren't sure if you can do it? Check out these 8 projects that anyone can do, even beginners!

  1. Replace Soft Goods: For an immediate impact that you can do in a flash, try swapping out the soft goods in your bathroom. This would include towels, rugs, shower curtain and window treatments.

  2. Spruce Up Your Vanity: If you want to create an impact without replacing the whole vanity, try updating small things like replacing the faucet, mirror or door knobs and drawer pulls.

  3. Upgrade Your Shower: Try replacing your showerhead with a deluxe rain head showerhead and consider adding a teak bench or mat.

  4. Add Storage: Storage in the bathroom is a must! Add storage by either installing simple shelves or organizing your items in warm, wood baskets. You'll be more organized, have places for all of your stuff, and it will add character to your bathroom as well!

  5. Paint the Walls or Install Wallpaper: This is very inexpensive and can make a huge impact. If you're nervous, start with a powder room or your smallest bathroom.

  6. Upgrade Your Bathroom Lighting: This relatively simple project can add a huge upgrade in your space in just the time it takes to install the new fixture!

  7. How's Your Grout?: Give your grout some TLC. No skills required here, just good old fashioned elbow grease (and cleaning products).

  8. Toilet: Try installing a new toilet seat for a fresh look. If the toilet isn't working properly, now might be a good time to get a new one!



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