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7 Traits of Effective Homebuyers in Today's Market

Whether it is your first time shopping for a home or you're a seasoned homebuyer, possessing some specific traits can help you find success in today's ever-changing and fast-paced market. While real estate markets can vary among different cities and states, consider adopting some or all of the traits below to help you become a highly effective and successful homebuyer.

  1. Persistence: Searching for a home today may take longer due to inventory supply, bidding wars, and more. Being willing to continue looking and putting in multiple offers on different homes, for example, will help you land a great home.

  2. Keep Your Emotions in Check: The biggest purchase of your life is bound to bring up some emotion. Add in the disappointment of being outbid or a home being under contract before having the opportunity to even see it can bring up some strong emotions. Being objective, not taking rejection personally, and not getting too attached to a property until a deal has closed will help you tremendously through the process.

  3. Be Open-Minded and Willing to Move: Affordability and low inventory can be compounded when buyers have a very small search area for their new home. Being willing to expand the search radius and adjusting criteria can open up a whole bunch of new options you would never have known were there otherwise.

  4. Ask Questions: This is the biggest purchase of your life, so don't be afraid to ask questions! Ask questions before you ever start looking, ask questions when touring a home, ask questions throughout the process. Your agent is a resource and having more information can help you feel more confident and equipped to make the best decision for you.

  5. Look Beyond How Things Look: Sure curb appeal is important. You might walk into a home and hate the paint and carpet. Being willing and able to look beyond cosmetic repairs or changes can help you see the home's potential and score a real gem. Plus, it might allow you to personalize the new space to best suit your tastes!

  6. Draw a Firm Line Between Wants and Needs: Knowing your needs versus your wants, including your non-negotiables, can be really important in finding the right home. In addition, being willing to be flexible with your wants can also help you score a new home faster.

  7. Be Available: For many people, weekends are the best time to tour homes. But, what if a great new home pops up on the market on a Wednesday and your agent calls you to schedule a tour? Buyers who are willing to be flexible and available to view on Wednesday instead of Saturday are more likely to land their homes faster.


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