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7 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Home

I love my dogs. But let's be honest, having a dog or dogs does have an impact on one's home and living spaces. Our friends at Austin Local recently posted a blog about 7 great tips for making your home pet-friendly. Check out there tips below! To read the full post, visit here.

  1. Choose Hard Surface Flooring: Hard surface flooring is so much easier to care for and clean compared to carpet. It is also more allergy friendly and easier to clean all of the inevitable dog hair!

  2. Use Stain-Resistant Fabric: When choosing your furniture fabrics, consider choosing one that is resistant to stains, smells and bacteria.

  3. Set Up A Special Area: Create a special area for your furry family member(s). It could include a plush dog bed, toys and blanket.

  4. Put Washable Fabrics on the Bed: If your dog(s) like to sleep in bed with you, consider fabrics that are easy to clean like duvet covers and cotton sheets.

  5. Add a Doggy Door: Doggy doors make it easier on you and easier on your pet! Don't worry - most doggy doors come with a panel to close up the door if you are away or don't want your dog using the door.

  6. Petscape the Yard: If your pet likes to enjoy your backyard, consider doing a sweep to make sure everything is secure and safe. This could include checking the fence, checking for areas where your pet could escape, making sure landscaping is safe (some plants are toxic to dogs).

  7. Buy Stylish Toys: Consider purchasing toys that blend in with your home's style and colors. You can also set up a stylish basket to house all of your pup's toys that matches your decor!


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