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7 Design Trends for 2022

Are you looking to do some updates or upgrades to your space but you aren't sure what's in style? Some designs trends stand the test of time, and others come and go. What are some of the top design trends for 2022 (hint: it's not all new!)? Check them out below!

  1. Vintage and Craft Furniture - you can use old pieces you have or shop at thrift stores and restore them yourself!

  2. Lots of Houseplants - houseplants are everywhere (literally) and are a great way to "green" up your space.

  3. Big Windows and No Curtains - natural light is in!

  4. Pet-centric Design - incorporating amenities for your four-legged friends.

  5. Curves - think curved furniture, arches and more.

  6. Woven Furniture and Accessories - they aren't just for outside anymore! These designs are now popular inside the home too.

  7. Bedroom Upgrade - having updates in your bedroom resembling a hotel such as a new headboard, feature wall, or fancy mirror giving you a soothing, staycation vibe.

Do you have a favorite? I'm loving the big windows with lots of natural light, houseplants and the bedroom upgrade!


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