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6 Types of Flooring That Are On the Way Out

Home design trends can change quickly. When purchasing or remodeling a home, you may take care to consider which design choices may be trendy now or which have a more timeless appeal. Flooring is a huge component of any home. Curious which flooring styles are are on their way out? Check out more below.

  1. Carpet: Carpet is generally one of the more affordable choices, however, it requires a lot of upkeep due to kids, pets and general use. In addition, stains, spills and smells can be a huge negative of having carpet.

  2. Espresso-colored Hardwoods: People are wanting lighter and brighter options.

  3. Saturina Marble: Popular in the early 2000's and in Mediterranean-style homes, Saturina Marble is out and porcelain flooring is in.

  4. Hardwoods: Hardwoods are timeless and beautiful, however, they can be incredibly difficult to deal with in the case of something going wrong. That is why many are trending away from real hardwoods for a more durable product with a similar look, such as luxury vinyl or wood-look tile.

  5. Gray: Gray floors were incredibly popular for a time, but they are phasing out. The biggest trend now is luxury vinyl and vinyl plank flooring. Luxury vinyl has huge pluses including durability, looks more natural and in many cases is waterproof!

  6. Ceramic: Porcelain is taking over for ceramic. Rectified porcelain (virtually no grout line) is particularly popular.


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