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6 Things Realtors Wish Their Buyers Knew

The process of buying a property can be very complex. Every transaction is different, as is every buyer. As a Realtor, my goal is to make the process as simple and fun as possible, while setting realistic expectations and helping you through the process however I can. As a buyer, there are some things that can make a transaction more complicated or difficult. Here is a list of six things buyers can do to make the home-buying process even better!

  1. Don't Care too Much About Aesthetics: Understandable, some aesthetic items can be hard to overlook. However, often times making simple, inexpensive changes will completely transform a space. Don't rule a property out simply because of things that can be easily fixed, like a deep clean, new paint, and small repairs.

  2. Don't Tip Your Hand: Perhaps you have some reservations about the property or even something that makes you laugh, like an odd souvenir collection. Best to wait to make those comments until after you've left the property. You never know who might overhear your comments, and if it ends up being the property you want to make an offer on, it could hurt you in negotiations.

  3. Don't Wait Too Long: Especially in a highly competitive market, when you see a property you want to make an offer on, don't wait too long! Waiting too long can cause a host of problems including someone else coming in and making an offer before you've had the chance to make yours, or it could make the sellers feel you aren't as serious as perhaps a different interested party. Again, sellers can have a variety of motivations for who they choose to sell their home to, and the highest dollar figure isn't always what wins out.

  4. Don't Ignore What the Seller Wants; Every seller has different motivations, situations and attachments to the home they are seller. Your agent will work to make the best offer that will present the best-looking offer possible to the sellers on your behalf. Remember, unlike many other business transactions, the sellers choose who to sell their home to, so considering the sellers in your offer is never a bad idea!

  5. Don't Talk to the Other Team: The seller's agent is not the enemy. However, talking to them with or without your agent present could impact your negotiating power, or cause an unforeseen issue. It's important to remember that the listing agent represents the seller and their best interests, while your agent represents you and your best interests.

  6. Don't Lowball the Counteroffer: After making an offer, it is very common for the seller to make a counteroffer. In many cases, you may be temped to lowball the counteroffer back. Best advice here is to listen to your agent. They know the current housing market in your area, the likelihood of other offers, and other factors and can best advise you on how to present the best possible offer to help you get your offer accepted by the sellers.


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