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6 Bedroom Improvements that Can Help Sell Your Home Faster

If you are considering selling your home, or currently have your home listed, you know the importance of having bedrooms that will appeal to buyers. Making certain improvements or changes can help your home sell sooner, and for more money. Read on for the tips.

  1. Lighting: Simply swapping out light bulbs for energy-efficient bulbs will help the room feel brighter. You can also add updated fixtures, and install smart features such as remote controls or voice controls.

  2. Clean Out the Closet: Adding a closet organizer if you don't already have one can help potential buyers visualize their own items in the space. In addition, it is important to de-clutter so potential buyers can fully appreciate the space. Plus, it can make the closet appear bigger!

  3. Stage the Bedroom Properly: Ideas include swapping out old furniture for contemporary, making sure to declutter, adding a focal wall behind the headboard, and placing a strategic mirror to help the space feel bigger.

  4. Consider the Paint Color: Toning down bright and vibrant paint with a neutral tone will create a sense of calm for potential buyers, while also allowing them to better visualize how they will utilize the space.

  5. Create a Functional Work From Home Space: You can utilize a guest bedroom or carve out a corner in the primary bedroom for this space. A simple desk and chair are all it takes! Many people are still working from home on at least a part-time basis, so ensuring they can do so easily will be appreciated and may set your home apart from others.

  6. Pay Attention to the Ensuite Bathroom: If the primary bedroom has an ensuite bathroom, ensuring it looks as best as possible can make a huge impression on potential buyers. Simple changes that don't require any renovations like staging with new towels, giving the room a fresh coat of paint, swapping out light fixtures, or swapping out cabinet knobs and pulls can make a huge impact.


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