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5 Things to Never Say at A Home Showing

If you're in the market to purchase a home, chances are that you'll go on at least one home showing to view a potential home in-person. While in the home, it is important to carefully consider what you say. Reason being, it may be overheard by another agent, the homeowners, and more. It is important to consider that what you say during a showing could get back to the seller. When submitting an offer on a home, and especially in times like this where the market is so competitive, you always want to put your best foot forward with your offer and it all starts with the showing. When viewing a home for sale, consider refraining from saying the following 5 things:

  1. Refrain From Criticism Until You're Back in Your Car: You definitely do not want to offend the sellers by making negative comments about their home. You may hate the paint color in the living room, but it's best to keep it to yourself until you're back in your car. In today's technological world, many homes have doorbell cameras that start recording before you even enter the home.

  2. Avoid Making An Emotional Decision: Complimenting certain features of the home while viewing it is of course welcome, but avoid more personal statements or revealing your non negotiables such as, "this home is perfect", "this home is in our perfect location" or "the home is right by the kid's school". Doing so can undermine your bargaining power when making an offer and negotiating with the seller.

  3. Don't Ask Invasive Questions: Asking intrusive questions should be avoided. Perhaps the sellers are selling their home for a very personal reason. It is important to respect their privacy.

  4. Avoid Sharing Too Much: Of course it is acceptable to make small conversation with your agent and anyone else with you while touring the home, but make sure everyone is on the same page about not sharing too much while viewing the home.

  5. Don't Criticize the Price: Even though you may think the list price is too high, it may actually be line with comps in the area. Of course, you never know what a home will sell for until an offer is accepted and the sale closes, but criticizing the home's list price could offend the seller.


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