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5 Things to Consider When Moving to Austin, Texas

We have certainly covered the hot real estate market quite a bit on this blog, and also mentioned the incredible growth Austin has experienced since the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you don't already live here, perhaps you've wondered about moving here? Maybe there are talks at your company of relocating to the Texas Capitol? In any case, if you are considering making a move to the Austin area, here are 5 things you should consider, courtesy of our friends at

  1. Determine the Cost of Living: The price of housing is not the only thing you should consider when moving to Austin (or any new place for that matter). Taxes, transportation costs, food prices and more are all considerations you should factor in.

  2. Research the Job Market: If you aren't being relocated by your current job, you'll want to check out the job market to ensure you'll be able to land a job in Austin. Some popular employers include Apple, Tesla, Oracle, Amazon and more.

  3. Discover the Different Areas of Town: Austin has a diverse and vibrant community, and it can vary significantly depending on where you are. Local amenities, proximity to downtown, school access, job proximity, access to transportation, and property cost are just some of the considerations.

  4. Evaluate the Housing Market: Coming up with a list of your wants, must-have's, dislikes, deal breakers, and budget are all great things to get you started when narrowing down your search.

  5. Connect with a Local Agent: Like me! I'd love to help you navigate the Austin market. I have been working as an agent in the Austin area for almost 20 years. Having an expert advocate by your side can make all the difference in this ultra-competitive, low inventory market.


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