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5 Surprising Uses for Toothpaste

I love cleaning hacks! It's also extra helpful when the cleaning hack involves something I already have readily available around the house. In this case, all that is needed is toothpaste (and an old toothbrush for scrubbing)! Check out these five things you can clean with toothpaste!

1. Rusty Iron: It is so frustrating to iron your clothes, only to find the iron has transferred rust stains onto them! Don't ditch the iron - polish it with toothpaste to remove the rust from the face of the iron!

2. Sparkling Diamonds: Clean diamonds sparkle and shine beautifully! But after time, grease, dirt and grime can diminish the shine of diamonds. Want to get that sparkle back without having to go to the jeweler? Scrub your precious stones with toothpaste and a toothbrush, rinse and enjoy!

3. Crayon on the Wall: Do you have kiddos or grandchildren? Chances are, at some point your walls will become their canvas. Good news - scrub the wall art with toothpaste, and wipe it away!

4. Clean Your Sneakers: A new pair of sneakers looks so fresh and clean. But unfortunately, they don't usually stay that way for long. To clean the dirty and stained soles, scrub with toothpaste and wipe clean!

5. Foggy Glasses: Eye glasses are pretty important. It's so frustrating when they fog up and are in constant need of cleaning. You can eliminate that problem by rubbing toothpaste on the inside lens of the glasses with your finger, and then wiping away with a clean towel.


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