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5 Home Upgrades Millennials Don’t Care About

What do millennials consider desirable when looking to buy a home? And what are things they don’t care about or are even a turn-off? According to real estate professionals, most millennials are looking for properties that are in good condition, clean, move-in ready, and are able to be customized.

So what are the things they don’t like? Check out the list below:

  1. Excessive or Elaborate Landscaping: Millennials are more interested in having a space that is easy to maintain, good for entertaining and a space to enjoy with their dog(s). They aren’t generally interested in something that will take a lot of time and effort to maintain.

  2. Formal Dining Room: Most millennials prefer to eat in or close to the kitchen. They prefer areas such as a breakfast nook or stools/chairs at a kitchen island or peninsula. They generally don’t like formal dining spaces and consider them to be a waste of space.

  3. A Specified Floor Plan: Today, most millennials prefer homes with large, open spaces where rooms flow into each other without a lot of separation. For example, having the kitchen flow seamlessly into the living space is a desired feature.

  4. New Carpeting: Most millennials won’t consider this to be a desired feature. The trend is going away from carpet in general so if you are considering updating your carpet before selling, it might not be worth the investment. Millennials prefer other materials such as tile, hardwoods, and laminates.

  5. Game/Memorabilia Rooms: Instead of game/memorabilia rooms, millennials prefer a media room where they can watch movies and play their favorite video games.


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