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2022 Color Trends

Design trends come and go and color is one of the biggest design trends that we see each year. As such, companies predict the colors that will be the most popular each year. Curious what the picks are for 2022? Spoiler: many of the colors are a shade of soft green!

  • "Breezeway" by Behr: A versatile, silvery green.

  • "October Mist" by Benjamin Moore: This is a soft, calming green.

  • "Art and Craft" by Dunn-Edwards: Dunn-Edwards color of the year is a break from the others on this list - it is a soothing, while slightly bold, earthy brownish pink.

  • "Olive Sprig" by PPG: A soft but not dull green with hints of grey.

  • "Guacamole" by Glidden: Made for kitchens, this green is bolder than some of the other greens on this list.

  • "Breathe" by Graham & Brown: A lovely pale blue color.

  • "Evergreen Fog" by Sherwin-Williams: A slighlty darker, grayish green color.

  • "Bright Skies" by Dulux: This gorgeous, soft blue is an excellent choice.

  • "Veri Peri" by Pantone: If you are a fan of periwinkle and blue, this might just be the color for you!

To see the actual colors, check them out here!


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