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15 Decorating Trends Making a Comeback

We love fresh ideas for all things home and found this great article from HGTV on “15 Decorating Trends That Designers Say Are Making a Comeback”. Check out our summary of the 15 trends below and you can check out the full article by checking out the link under source!

  1. 80’s Style: Combining pastels, neon and elements such as graphic prints and oversized furniture. Think 80’s but more modern.

  2. Rounded Furniture: Trending away from minimalism and mid-century modern design, rounded furniture embraces more of the maximalism mentality.

  3. Peacock Chairs: These bring back great memories for those of us who remember these chairs and create fond new memories for a new generation to appreciate.

  4. Bleached Furniture: This design is trending as clients are wanting furniture to blend with their space without being distracting while still being bright and light.

  5. Pretty Passementerie: Tassels are making a comback – on pillows and draperies, both indoors and outdoors!

  6. Fringe: Fringe is super trendy when paired with a sophisticated furniture piece.

  7. Rattan Furniture: Rattan is trendy, but it’s more modern than rattan furniture of the past.

  8. Black Appliances: Some are trending away from stainless steel, and appliance makers are making appliances in different colors and finishes like black matte.

  9. Asparagus Fern: This fun and interesting plant is making a comeback from when its was ultra popular mid-century design.

  10. Green Anything: Green gives a room a sophisticated and lush, vibrant feel. Often pairs beautifully with wood tones.

  11. 70’s Style Wall Art: Using a rug as art, for example, is a nod to 70’s style-design when paired with contemporary furniture.

  12. Textured Wallpaper: Textured wallpaper design has made a comeback.

  13. Four Poster Bed: This design staple is always reinventing itself.

  14. Glass Block: Great for letting light in and providing privacy, this retro option is making a comeback.

  15. Sansevieria: Popular in the 1970’s and also known as “mother-in-laws-tongue”, this plant comes in a variety of options.


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