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101 Small Ways to Save Big Money

Who doesn’t like saving money? What if there were some easy ways to save extra money that would be easy to do and wouldn’t impact your lifestyle in a negative way? Popsugar put together a great list of 101 different ways to save money that could make a big impact long term. Below we’ve pulled out a few of our favorite ideas from the article! To check out all 101 ways to save money, you can read the article HERE.

  1. Article Item #4: “Automate money from your paycheck to your savings every month so you won’t be tempted to overspend.”

  2. Article Item #9: “Check your bills for mistakes.”

  3. Article Item #16: “Keep your home organized so you know what you have and won’y buy duplicates at the store.”

  4. Article Item #17: “Take a shopping list with you to the store and stick to it.”

  5. Article Item #23: “Get a home energy audit.”

  6. Article Item #25: “Max out an employer-matched 401K plan.”

  7. Article Item #64: “Turn off lights and unplug electronics when not in use.”

  8. Article Item #73: “Monitor your bank or Mint account regularly so you are spending consciously every day.”

  9. Article Item #98: “Shop around for a home insurance policy to save.”


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