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10 Things You Can Buy Now to Help Get Through the COVID-19 Winter Blues

With winter coming and most people continuing to social distance and stay home, you might be feeling some anxiety about the upcoming winter days. We found a great article outlining 10 things you can buy now that can help you get through the winter blues that could be brought on by COVID-19. We love the great ideas and look forward to trying many of them ourselves!

  1. Outdoor Gear: Outdoor gear purchases like kayaks, bicycles and camping gear have been hot pandemic items. Now that we are shifting to the colder months, experts are predicting sales of winter activity gear to be strong as well. If you've had your eye on a pair of skis or snowshoes, now may be the time to make a purchase!

  2. Outdoor Clothing: Stock up now on the cold weather essentials necessary in your area so you can participate safely in social-distanced outdoor activities like going for walks, ice skating, snow shoeing, building snowmen and more!

  3. Exercise Equipment: Exercise is great for your body and your mood! However, with many gyms closed or people not wanting to go to gyms given the pandemic, you can stock up on some exercise gear that you can use at home to help you stay active.

  4. Humidifiers and Air Purifiers: Air humidifiers have been shown in recent studies to help reduce those nasty airborne particles. In addition, HEPA air purifiers can capture up to 99% of those pesky particles.

  5. Light Therapy: Light therapy has been proven to lift one's mood. During most of the year, many can get that lift by simply going outside. However, during the winter months, a light therapy lamp may be a great option.

  6. Board Games and Video Games: Home entertainment has been a major go-to for so many during the pandemic. TV, streaming services and memberships and WiFi have been many heavily used in many homes. Another great option for entertainment are classic board games and puzzles! Bonus: they are technology free!

  7. 2021 Cars and SUV's: Due to the pandemic's impact on automakers workers, supply and inventory is extremely low. If you have your heart set on a new 2021 car or SUV, now is the time to start shopping - because there may be a waitlist for the vehicle you want!

  8. Pet Goods: Pet fostering and adoption has skyrocketed during the pandemic, so there are a lot more pet parents these days! Don't forget about your furry friends by purchasing cozy dog beds, sweaters, booties and holiday-themed items.

  9. Comfortable Clothes: Since you're going to be enduring the colder months, likely spending more time at home than in the past, you might as well be warm and comfortable! Comfy sweaters, sweatshirts, sweatpants, slippers, fluffy socks are just a few items to keep you warm and cozy.

  10. Buying Options: If you're looking to purchase something, especially a larger purchase, consider looking around to various retailers and websites to make sure you're getting the best deal. Also, with it being close to the holiday's, sales are popping up all the time!



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