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10 Secrets to Help You Get Top Dollar for Your Home

So you're planning to sell your home. There is a lot of preparation that goes in to getting a house ready to put on the market, and most sellers are eager to get top dollar for their home. We've all heard of things that can help you get top dollar (hello curb appeal), but did you know there may be some things that can improve your bottom line that you may not have heard about? Check out the list below for 10 secrets to help you get top dollar for your home:

  1. Tend to Your Mailbox: Speaking of curb appeal, the mailbox is often the first thing people see when they drive up to your home. A new or well-maintained mailbox can make the right kind of first impression and say a lot about your home.

  2. Stage Your Rooms Traditionally: Even if that's not how you actually use the room. Staging an office as an office instead of a playroom, for example, can better help people envision themselves living there and using the space.

  3. Don't Neglect the Bathrooms: Reglazing tile, bathtubs and cleaning and resealing grout can have a major impact on potential buyers! And it can cost thousands less than replacing with new.

  4. Create an Emotional Connection: Your realtor may have a different opinion on this based on the area, market and other factors, but painting a picture of a home well loved, such as including a letter telling the home's "story" can really help buyers fall in love.

  5. List the Home Under Value: Again, this one is very important to consult with your agent on. However, sometimes listing slightly under value can open up a large additional pool of buyers, which can, in turn, create multiple offers and drive the price up.

  6. Offer Insider Information: Consider creating an information sheet for potential buyers with all of your favorite restaurants, park, coffee shop, and more.

  7. Don't Forget About the Neighborhood: Share with potential buyers all of the neighborhood amenities and what you love about it - it can be the clincher for folks knowing all the additional offerings in addition to the home.

  8. Don't Forget to Include a List of All the Extras: Have security cameras? A door bell camera? Motion security lights? Smart thermostat? These items are things buyers love - they help them feel safe and taken care of, and, it's less things for them to do once they move in!

  9. Create A Property Video Tour: Many professional photographers or agents will offer this with their service, but if they don't, you can even create your own. Potential buyers love getting an opportunity to "walk through" the property without having to be there in person (at least not at first)! This is especially great for out of town buyers.

  10. Consider A Pre-Inspection: Another one to always consult with your agent on, but getting the home pre-inspected can give you the opportunity to correct any items that may need repair that you don't know about before putting the house on the market. Being proactive can show potential buyers that you have taken good care of your home and leave less for them to take care of during or after the buying process.


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