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10 Cities Where Buying a Home Has Become More Affordable...and 10 Cities Where It's Less Affordable

The real estate market can change quickly, and the market varies from state to state and city to city. Have you wondered where it's currently more affordable to buy a home? Perhaps you've wondered where it is less affordable? The 10 cities are listed in each category below. To read the entire article, you can check it out in the source below from

10 Cities Where Buying a Home is More Affordable

1. Allentown, PA

2. Des Moines, IA

3. Atlanta, GA

4. Minneapolis, MN

5. San Francisco, CA

6. Omaha, NE

7. Charlotte, NC

8. Jackson, MS

9. Spokane, WA

10. Las Vegas, NV

10 Cities Where Buying a Home is Less Affordable

1. Tulsa, OK

2. El Paso, TX

3. Winston-Salem, NC

4. Rochester, NY

5. Philadelphia, PA

6. Oxnard, CA

7. Birmingham, AL

8. Bakersfield, CA

9. Colorado Springs, CO

10. Knoxville, TN



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