All Stars

Cyndi Cummings and her team were highly recommended to our family by an Elder care consultant we knew. He told us that he had many positive experiences with Cyndi’s team in helping seniors moving from their private residences into independent living. 

After using Cyndi’s team to help us move our 87 and 85 year old parents from their home into independent living, we would HIGHLY recommend her services if you are considering a real estate agent who can help you help your parents through a difficult move. Cyndi’s team got the dimensions of my parents’ new apartment and designed how their furniture would fit in it (and oversaw the placement of the furniture in the new apartment). They had terrific people work with my parents to pare down all of their furniture, clothing, keepsakes and ALL of the EXTRA stuff people tend to accumulate in a bigger house. This was a huge help to us kids because we didn’t have to go through all of this with our parents as this process can sometimes become very emotional for your folks. My parents were so grateful to work with Cyndi’s team through this difficult process. 

Additionally, Cyndi helped arrange movers, get the house ready for sale, coordinated repairs and arrange donations from the household goods that were not included in the move (which was a lot). This was of immense help to me as I do not live near my parents and Cyndi was able to save me a lot my time and money in travel and work. 

Most importantly, Cyndi and her team made this psychologically difficult experience for my parents tolerable and peaceful. My parents were really stressed and they were making this move while being in and out of hospitals and treatment. Her team did everything in their power to build a trusting relationship with my folks and helped them with an unbelievable smooth move into their new living space. 

Our family was truly impressed with Cyndi and her teams’ professionalism and people skills in helping us move our parents though a difficult move and on to the next stage of their lives. My parents truly appreciated how Cyndi’s team treated them with respect and kindness. 

Oh yeah, Cyndi also staged our house through all this activity, sold it at a price we liked and got it done FAST ( in addition to ALL of the above)- WOW!

These folks are All Stars at what they do!