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What Home Projects Have the Highest ROI?

Have you ever thought about updating your home? Whether you’re updating and planning to stay or sell, do you know which projects will get you the best return on your investment? Especially if updates are being made before putting your home on the market, it makes sense to weigh the upfront cost of the projects and updates with your likely return compared to leaving your home “as is”.

According to an article in Remodeling magazine, these are the following projects with the most return on investment:

  1. Manufactured Stone Veneer

  2. Steel Entry-Door Replacements

  3. Garage Door Replacements

And these are the projects with the worst return on investment:

  1. Master Suite Additions

  2. Backyard Patios

  3. Major Kitchen Renovations

This list is in no way comprehensive and of course, return on investment is influenced by many factors, including the housing market in your area, buyer’s demand, and more, but this may give you something to think about if you’re considering any home remodeling projects.


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