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Student Loan Debt? States That Help Pay Off Student Loan Debt if You Move There!

Student loan debt is a huge financial burden carried by so many Americans. While refinancing the loans may be an option, completely erasing the debt without paying it off is not an option. Thanks to COVID, many American's jobs have moved remote and some companies plan to keep many jobs remote permanently. This is offering many Americans a lot more flexibility on the type of work they can do and where they can do it.

Turns out, many states have taken notice of this as an opportunity to attract folks to move to their state by providing student loan debt help as an incentive. Besides Illinois and Maryland, many of the states offering incentives only apply to certain professions such doctors, dentists and other healthcare workers and attorneys. Curious? Check out the states offering some of the highest incentives:

  1. Illinois

  2. Maryland

  3. Michigan

  4. Delaware

  5. California

  6. Texas

Note: each state has its own set of rules, requirements and qualifications for these incentives. Be sure to check out the article here for more information and the full list of states offering incentives!


"," Life Hacker.

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