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Cities Requiring the Biggest and Smallest Downpayment When Buying A Home

Curious what downpayment trends are like across the country? Check out below to see the 10 cities requiring the highest downpayment and the 10 cities requiring the smallest. Check out the article here if you want to see more details on each city.

Highest Downpayment:

  1. The Villages, Florida

  2. Santa Cruz, California

  3. Coeur D'Alene, Idaho

  4. Prescott, Arizona

  5. Kahului, Hawaii

  6. Boulder, Colorado

  7. Barnstable Town, Massachusetts

  8. Santa Fe, New Mexico

  9. Bend, Oregon

  10. Dallas, Texas

Lowest Downpayment:

  1. Fayetteville, North Carolina

  2. Alexandria, Louisiana

  3. Wheeling, West Virginia

  4. Clarksville, Tennessee

  5. Albany, Georgia

  6. McAllen, Texas

  7. Springfield, Ohio

  8. Florence, South Carolina

  9. Terre Haute, Indiana

  10. Tupelo, Mississippi


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