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4 Unique Spring Break Vacation Ideas

Thinking about getting away for Spring break this year? Are you tired of doing the same thing or do you want some new ideas? Here are some fun and unique ideas you may not have heard about before!

  1. SCAVENGER HUNT VACATION: Do you love scavenger hunts? Cluventure is a company that organizing custom scavenger hunt vacations. Trips last up to 10 days and vary based on the wants and needs of the travelers!

  2. RAIL VACATION TOUR: Another unique idea is taking a spring break adventure by rail! There are a variety of different itineraries to explore and you can experience some of the beautiful scenery the US has to offer! Vacations by Rail is a great company to explore if considering this type of trip.

  3. VISIT A GUEST/DUDE RANCH: This is a fun idea that has something for everyone! You can visit places such as Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, and spend a week or several days exploring the beautiful landscape, enjoying outdoor activities, star gazing at night and so much more. Two fun options are Tanque Verde Ranch in Arizona and Mayan Dude Ranch in Texas.

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  1. VISIT A TINY HOUSE VILLAGE: Have you been curious about what it’s like to live in a Tiny House? Why not escape and stay in one for a week! There are different places across the country that offers a variety of tiny house rental options. Some options include Community First! Village in Austin, Texas, Mt. Hood Tiny House Village near Portland, Oregon or Petite Retreats which has options all over the US.


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